Black and Decker SK1212B 12 Inch Electric Skillet

Black and Decker SK1212B 12 Inch Electric Skillet
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Black and Decker SK1212B 12 Inch Electric Skillet

In these fast and busy lives, we have hectic schedules, we do not have time to prepare proper meals for us. The Black & Decker’s bring a solution in the market for this problem. Electric skillets are versatile appliances that allow users to cook more than one food simultaneously. It is also known for its capability to heat evenly at precise temperatures. This invention is applied in Black and Decker’s SK1212B, a model that makes cooking is possible.

Black and Decker SK1212B 12 Inch Electric Skillet

Features: Black and Decker SK1212B 12 Inch Electric Skillet

Includes non-stick 12-inch cooking surface

Features variable temperature

Control Quick Release Probe feature

Lever Cool-Touch Base with handles

Tempered glass cover

Built with durable, sturdy base

Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service. Click here to make a request for customer service.


Cooking for an individual/family has a pain at times, but these days a nice solution come out for this kitchen common dilemma. Electric skillets make cooking for a number of people easier due to its functions and design. This Black and Decker model, in particular, is a model that features a substantial cooking surface for fast and easy cookouts with family and friends.

The 12-inch cooking surface of the unit is big enough to cook a number of food items at once minus additional amounts of oil or fat. Its cooking plate has no problem serving your meals; it will slide out easily or get dispensed fast due to its non-stick interiors. And it’s innovative quick release temperature probe.

The unit is also a user-friendly product; it features a straightforward dial control will allow users the liberty to cook food in advance and keep their meals warm by way of the unit’s low setting option. You no longer have to tolerate cold or lukewarm foods at a party or any kind of event. This device will make sure to provide warm, hearty meals over the course of those occasions.

The unit also features a tempered glass cover with a cool-down grip to make handling the device easier and safer. Users can check the status of the food without opening the cover, thus no moisture & nutrients will seep out of the unit and all that is good will be kept inside for you and your family to savor. Those cool-touch handles also provide a buffet-style tabletop presentation, which then again, makes it a great party companion.

The model’s pan-tilt leg provides healthy food servings because it can help put away the surplus fat over the course of the cooking procedure. Its non-stick coating can easily dispense food from the surface and to clean the unit, all it requires is a wet towel to wipe them or make use of a non-abrasive brush.


The Black and Decker SK1212B 12 Inch Electric Skillet is ideal for the individual who has to contend with cooking up food for his or her family, for parties, events or camping trips with friends. It is capable of providing fast, healthy yet delicious meals without requiring a stove and too much effort.

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